When it comes to your denture needs in the Greater Binghamton, NY region, look no further than NY Dental Group. Dr. Pannu and Dr. Nwugwo have 20+ years experience in providing patients with customized dentures.

If you find yourself wondering what’s exactly included in our denture care services – and what denture care looks like in general – we’re here to answer both questions.

In their simplest definition, dentures are removable oral appliances utilized to replace multiple missing teeth. Many people seek this type of dental treatment if they’ve lost more than one or two teeth in order to restore their smile’s use and beauty.

No two denture sets are alike though – what your dentures look like depend on how many teeth you’re missing. Furthermore, there are also two different types of dentures – complete and partial.

For patients missing many – or all – of their teeth, complete dentures are recommended, while partial dentures are typically used for those that still have many of their existing teeth.

At NY Dental Group, we pride ourselves on our immediate dentures, which are placed after the extractions on the same day.

You’ll have your new dentures the same day you come in for your procedure! How?

Our in-office dental lab means our patients get their high-quality, personalized dentures quicker – so you get your dentures as soon as possible.

Because there’s no time to waste when it comes to optimal oral health for those who rely on NY Dental Group. 

If you are missing some or all of your teeth, we welcome you to check out our practice and various dental services.

We’re prepared and ready to help give you your best smile.

We can’t wait for you to see the NY Dental Group difference when it comes to your dentures, and dental care, in the Greater Binghamton, NY region.