Do you have a serious sweet tooth? There could be reasons for this that you never even considered!

For the sake of your oral health, it’s best to limit your sugar intake. But if you don’t know where your cravings are coming from then how do you know how to stop them?

NY Dental Group is here to help!

We’re providing some insights on how to assess why exactly you’re craving so much sugar:

  • You’re not eating enough. When you don’t eat enough calories during a meal, your body looks for quick fuel to catch up – thus, craving sugar! Sugar is a great source for quick energy if you need a pick-me-up, but not considered “good” energy that your body needs. Some look for artificial sweetner to help do the trick, thinking that it’s better for them. This couldn’t be further from the truth though. Artificial sweetener tricks your body into thinking that it’s getting what it needs when it’s not. This puts you right back where you started – craving sugar!
  • You have a few bad habits. Everybody has bad habits they’re not proud of – whether it’s snacking because you’re bored or chewing your fingernails. Breaking a habit takes concentration and dedication. Eating more consistently, and smaller portions throughout the day, can help break your snacking habits. To help crush the sugar craving, try eating or drinking naturally sweet things, like fruit or tea.
  • You’re consuming too much starch and not enough protein. After eating a heavy helping of pasta, everyone craves ice cream right? Eating carbohydrates or starches, without enough equal protein or fiber, is equivalent to eating a giant bowl of sugar. These empty calories are absorbed fast and keep you wanting more. To help balance out a starch-heavy meal, eat less of the carbohydrates and add a lean protein on top, like grilled chicken. You can also drizzle a little olive oil for some healthy fats!
  • You’re consuming too much salt. The saltier the food, the bigger the sugar craving. Skipping the fries or chips will leave you not wanting the cupcake or dessert menu after your meal. Eating more naturally salty foods, such as cheeses or olives, will leave you with wanting more of a naturally sweet snack, like herbal tea or fruit!

Everyone is different, therefore the way people handle their sweet tooth is different too.

Changing habits are hard but making yourself aware of these habits can help break those habits and positively impact your oral health.

One of the best ways to combat your sweet tooth is scheduling a teeth cleaning – since having a sweet tooth also means possibly having cavities! Call the NY Dental Group office in Vestal, NY, now to schedule your next cleaning.

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