With dental implants as one of our prime focus areas at NY Dental Group, we want to make sure all our current, and prospective patients alike, understand the most essential things about dental implants.

We’ve broken those down below into a series of overview questions and answers!

  1. What are dental implants? A dental implant is a permanent, stable tooth replacement that can be used to replace one missing tooth, several missing teeth or all of your teeth.
  2. Who would get a dental implant? Typically, patients who are only missing one or two teeth, and have healthy gums, undergo dental implant procedures.
  3. When would you need a dental implant? An individual would get a dental implant, or multiple implants, when he/she has lost one or two teeth, and wants to fill the gap in their smile with a stable and long-term tooth replacement.
  4. Where/how do you get a dental implant procedure done? To get the best possible dental implant care, patients should go to a dental implant-focused cosmetic dentist, like NY Dental Group. There, the dentist can explain and carry out the best dental implant procedure for that particular patient.
  5. Why should you get dental implants? For individuals looking for a long-time solution to a missing tooth (or a few missing teeth), dental implants are usually the way to go, with an average span of twenty-five years and a 98% success rate.

As dental professionals who focus heavily on dental implants, the NY Dental Group team can offer our expertise when it comes to explaining dental implants, and more importantly, carrying out implant procedures, with care and precision.

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