If you’ve ever watched someone giving a speech, you’ve probably noticed them reaching for a bottled water every so often to wet their whistle. That is because they are experiencing a common issue that happens to everyone when they get nervous. Dry mouth.

Normally, such things only occur occasionally when under stress, but if the condition is more than happenstance it can be classified as chronic dry mouth. The medical name is Xerostomia, but you rarely hear it called that. The more descriptive designation of dry mouth sums it up perfectly. A condition where you do not produce enough saliva.

The average person who is healthy will produce around 3 pints of saliva every day. That is nearly a half gallon of spit! While that is not the most appetizing of thoughts, it demonstrates how much saliva is needed each day to accomplish the many tasks that saliva does. Can you name them? I’ll bet you only think about the ones associated with eating. That’s because we take saliva for granted. Here are the daily jobs your saliva does, and some that you probably didn’t realize:

Eating and Digestion: Lubrication and enzymes that break down food.
Breath Freshening: Constant washing away food particles keeps bad breath at bay.
Speaking: Unless you want to croak like a frog, you need saliva to lubricate your speech.
Fights Dental Decay: Keeping away acids from the teeth and washing away food particles.

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