Do your dentures no longer fit as well as they should? Do they slip, come loose, or cause you discomfort? If so, we encourage you to come visit our dentists at New York Dental Group for denture repair. We can help you stabilize your dentures for a stronger, healthier, and more aesthetic smile.

Custom-made dentures are designed to fit your unique smile and for last many years. Over time, though, dentures can experience wear and tear due to use, physical trauma, or changes in your bite. The shape of your arch can change over the years, altering the fit of your dentures. Dentures that are ill-fitting or broken can irritate your gums and cause sores. They also increase the risk of periodontal infection. It is important to visit your dentist periodically to have your dentures readjusted so that they continue to benefit your smile.

At New York Dental Group, Dr. Pannu and Dr. Nwugwo are pleased to provide same-day denture repair to keep your dentures in top shape and ensure your smile receives the support it deserves. You are welcome to wait in our office while your dentures are fixed or drop them off and pick them up later that day.

For more information about same-day denture repair in Vestal, New York, contact our office at 607-777-1340 today.