Brushing your teeth is one of the best ways you can help protect your teeth from decay and damage between your routine dental visits. While many people know what brushing their teeth is a must, it can be difficult to choose a toothbrush that gets the job done right. When you visit New York Dental Group, Dr. Sunny Pannu and Dr. Kierian Nwugwo will help you know what type of toothbrush may be the most beneficial for your oral health. If you have any questions about the various types of toothbrushes in Vestal, New York, we welcome you to schedule an appointment to visit with our dentists.

Your toothbrush is a primary tool to keeping your teeth healthy and beautiful. A toothbrush is mainly used to remove plaque and bacteria from the surface of your teeth; however, it can also be used to clean the gums and tongue. If you are like most people, you have been told to brush your teeth daily since you were a child. Brushing at least twice a day is essential to keeling your mouth healthy. While we know that we need to brush our teeth, it can be difficult or confusing when it comes to picking the right type of toothbrush.

Today, there are manual and electric toothbrushes, and both have their pros and cons. Each person also has their own preferences, and some may like using an electric toothbrush over a manual one, or vice versa. No matter which type of toothbrush you decide to use, there are a few universal features to keep in mind:

  • Size: the bigger your toothbrush’s head is, the harder it is to reach in the back and narrow spaces of your mouth. Be sure your toothbrush is the appropriate size for your mouth.
  • Hardness: soft or medium-soft toothbrush bristles are best for your teeth. If your toothbrush has hard bristles, it can damage your gums and cause them to recede. Soft bristles clean your teeth just as effectively, and they do it more gently.

Our dentists want to help you and your family care for your teeth at home in the most efficient and comfortable way possible. I big part of that is having the right type of toothbrush for your smile. If you have any questions or concerns, we welcome you to call or visit our practice today.