Biting Surface Fracture Needs Professional Treatment

Your tooth enamel is intended to be hard enough to allow your teeth to bite and break down most common foods into small pieces that can be safely swallowed. If you have a bad habit of nibbling on pencils and pens, crunching on ice or chewing medications it could fracture... Read more »

Use These Tips to Have a Vacation-Ready Smile

Are you headed on vacation soon? If so, it’s best to have a vacation-ready smile. This is because it can help you reduce your chances of experiencing dental problems and dental emergencies. You don’t want to put a damper on your vacation because of a dental issue, right? Well, our... Read more »

The Differences Between Professional In-Office Whitening and Professional At-Home Whitening

If you are interested in having a whiter and brighter smile, then our dentists, Dr. Sunny Pannu and Dr. Kierian Nwugwo, encourage you to consider a teeth whitening treatment. Teeth whitening can help you remove the stains from your teeth and enhance your smile. Today, he is happy to discuss... Read more »

Dental Facts on Dental Erosion Prevention

Your first order of business for damage prevention in your smile should be to eliminate the risks of oral tooth hazards that can be present. Barring oral accidents or injuries, your number one risk for dental damage is often dental erosion. Dental erosion, also commonly referred to as enamel erosion,... Read more »

Improve the Care of Your Smile with Gum Disease Treatments

If you suffer from any oral ailments in the form of gum tissue infection, it is important to have it treated immediately. Unfortunately, gum tissue affection in the form of periodontal disease, also known as gum disease can slowly creep up on you. Even in its early stages of gingivitis,... Read more »

Dealing with A Dry Socket

In a perfect world, you would never need to have a tooth extracted. But in a perfect world, you would never need to see a dentist, either. But the world is an imperfect place, and sometimes, a tooth needs to be extracted. It may be too damaged or diseased to... Read more »

What You Should Know About Your New Dentures

Have you lost some or all of your permanent teeth? This can make it difficult to do things that used to be easy, like eating and speaking. Dr. Pannu and Dr. Nwugwo may recommend dentures in Vestal, New York, to restore the beauty and functionality of your smile. How long... Read more »

Check the Quality of Your Flossing With This Quick List

Daily oral care is vital because it enhances all other dental treatments and helps you enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile. Flossing is an important part of oral care, but many people floss inefficiently without realizing it. You can determine if your flossing is effective by comparing your habits to a... Read more »

Maintain a Happy Smile with Sleep Apnea Treatments

If you ever find yourself extremely tired when you wake up in the morning, it may be due to an underlying condition such a sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder that occurs due to interrupted breathing patterns while you sleep. Two main forms of sleep apnea are obstructive... Read more »

Maintaining Good Periodontal Health Relies on a Consistent Daily Oral Hygiene Routine

Many people are wary of the negative short-term impact posed by untreated cavities. Yet there are some people who ignore the long-term oral health threat posed by the untreated periodontal disease. If residual sugar, food particles, and plaque buildup aren’t removed from your mouth on a regular basis, they can... Read more »