5 Of The Worst Foods & Drinks For Your Teeth

There's no question that oral health is essential for your overall health. Unless chosen and consumed with care,  the foods you eat and liquids you drink can have a negative impact on both your oral health, as well as your health in general. As with your overall...

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A Closer Look At NY Dental Group’s Denture Care

When it comes to your denture needs in the Greater Binghamton, NY region, look no further than NY Dental Group. Dr. Pannu and Dr. Nwugwo have 20+ years experience in providing patients with customized dentures. If you find yourself wondering what’s exactly included in...

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Why NY Dental Group Should Be Your Go-To Dental Implant Dentist

If you're in need of dental implants, you can rely on NY Dental Group’s Dr. Pannu, who is a member of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists or ICOI. We’re the leading dental implant dentist in the Greater Binghamton, NY region. And we’re not just saying...

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NY Dental Group: Where Patient Satisfaction Comes First

At NY Dental Group, we pride ourselves on our patient satisfaction-driven focus. Each day, we strive to serve our patients in the best ways possible. This manifests in Dr. Pannu and Dr. Nwugwo providing patients throughout Greater Binghamton, NY with any number of...

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New NY Dental Group Website

A few weeks ago, the new and improved NY Dental Group website officially went live. We’re thrilled with the updated look, perfectly-branded feel and true user-friendliness of this new site. It showcases the uniqueness of our practice, while simultaneously offering...

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Did You Know Dentures Could Do This?

What dentures do is replace lost teeth, which is pretty much their only purpose. However, that one purpose can help in a surprising number of ways because missing teeth can affect us more drastically than we may realize. We may not realize that teeth help us talk...

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