Assessing Your Sweet Tooth

Do you have a serious sweet tooth? There could be reasons for this that you never even considered! For the sake of your oral health, it’s best to limit your sugar intake. But if you don’t know where your cravings are coming from then how do you know how to stop them?...

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Why Is Fluoride Important?

For dental patients who don’t know what it is or how important it is for your teeth, fluoride can be considered a bit of a buzzword. When it comes down to it, fluoride isn’t just a fancy dental term, but something essential for your oral health. So what is it?...

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Tooth Enamel Damage & Repair

When it comes to tooth enamel, there’s a few things everyone should know and be wary of. Firstly, we’ll answer the most basic question - what is tooth enamel? Tooth enamel is the outer covering of your teeth, which protects them from decay, as well as other daily...

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What To Look For In A Dentist

Choosing the right dentist can be tricky and a daunting task that takes a lot out of any patient in need of high quality dental care.  What do you look for in a dental practice? What are the things you should pay attention to in order to ensure you’re making the right...

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The Right Way To Brush Your Teeth

Contrary to what some people believe, there is a "right way" to brush your teeth. Whether you have a regular toothbrush or an electric one, there are certain steps and precautions every person should take! We’ve all been asked that one question, “Do you floss?” The...

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NY Dental Group’s Teeth Whitening Options

If you're interested in, or in need of, teeth whitening, the dental staff at NY Dental Group offers a variety of options for you! We’re here to break down the teeth whitening procedures we provide, as well as some important tips for keeping your teeth as bright - and...

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