Dental Implants: What You Need To Know

With dental implants as one of our prime focus areas at NY Dental Group, we want to make sure all our current, and prospective patients alike, understand the most essential things about dental implants. We’ve broken those down below into a series of overview questions...

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Chewing Gum: Good or Bad for Your Teeth?

Like most big questions in life, the answer to the debate about whether or not chewing gum is good or bad for your teeth can go both ways depending on a few different circumstances. For the most part, chewing gum has demonstrated that it can - and does - protect your...

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Why Flossing Is So Beneficial For Your Teeth

There are a number of reasons why countless dental professionals recommend flossing to patients each day. You might be tired of hearing this whenever you go to the dentist, but it’s only because flossing is so beneficial for your teeth. In addition to brushing your...

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How Often Should You Change Your ToothBrush?

How often do you change your toothbrush? When was the last time you changed it? Most of us don’t think about it let alone do it on a regular basis. How often do you change your toothbrush varies depending on usage, health and preferences. Studies say changing your...

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Assessing Your Sweet Tooth

Do you have a serious sweet tooth? There could be reasons for this that you never even considered! For the sake of your oral health, it’s best to limit your sugar intake. But if you don’t know where your cravings are coming from then how do you know how to stop them?...

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Why Is Fluoride Important?

For dental patients who don’t know what it is or how important it is for your teeth, fluoride can be considered a bit of a buzzword. When it comes down to it, fluoride isn’t just a fancy dental term, but something essential for your oral health. So what is it?...

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